• Daily Stats: - Day 114 (20-September-21): Seasonal Mass: 210,492,646 Seasonal Average: $ 2.80
  • Our History

    Posted in News on Aug 30, 2017

    In 1936, through the Tobacco Marketing and Levy Act, the Tobacco Marketing Board was formed resulting in the selling of tobacco through the Auction Floors and, later, Contract floors (from 2004). 1994 saw the Board reconstituted to cater for the interests of all classes of different types of tobacco growers (Virginia, Burley, Oriental and Dark-Air Cured), buyers and other stakeholders. In the same year, indigenous buyers started participating for the first time in competition with traditional buyers. The Tobacco Marketing and Levy (Amendment) Act of 1997 saw the Tobacco Marketing Board being renamed to the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board. The amended Act also brought about a change in the collection of levies, which are now paid to the Ministry of Agriculture instead of recognized Growers' and Buyers' Associations.

  • Tobacco Moth and Tobacco Beetle Awareness

    Posted in News on Jul 11, 2017

    All tobacco growers are reminded that the Tobacco Moth and Tobacco Beetle is a notifiable pest, listed in the first schedule of the Plant Pest and Diseases (Plant and Alternative Hosts) Order 1976. The Tobacco Marketing and Levy Act (Chapter 18.20 Section 75) empowers TIMB to prevent movement of infested tobacco, to order fumigation at the owner's expense and even to order complete destruction.

Special Projects

In line with the Agrarian Reform Programme, we have Special Projects to assist Tobacco Small Holder farmers grow and reap high quality tobacco.

Farming Calendar

Weed, disease and pest control and routine spraying. Scouting for insects and take necessary action.
15 December
Last day for the destruction of unsold tobacco.
31 December
Commercial graders/re-handlers applications.
31 December
Plant gum tree seedlings.
31 December
Destroy all seedbeds to control pests and diseases.

Sales Statistics

20 Sep 2021
Sold Mass
17,842.00 KGS
YTD. Mass
210,492,646.00 KGS
Avg. Price
$2.80 USD